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Another day another travel story! Now I travel much more than I did it before. And it is not because of the corona. It is because of my schedule and weather…. and of course, laziness ^^ But get ready, I plan to catch up with it! Last Saturday I went on a day trip with my friends, and I want to share with you my travel story. And our first destination is Seosan City which is located in South Chungcheong Province.

Bench on the walking trail

I was about to start that post with The last 2 years were really hard and stressful for people all around the world. Many people were locked in their homes for days, weeks, months… Nope, let’s start that post with positive vibes. Look at your area. Do you have beautiful walking paths close to your place? Or do you have streets that you pass by and you think that if someone cleans it up a little it would be much better?

It was a while since I shared with you my travel stories… But today I have something special for you.

Personally, I really like books. I like the smell of hardcopies. Of course, there are pros and cons of both digital and paper books. But that is not what I am going to tell you.

Today I want to show you a Book Museum which in Seoul.


The Book Museum is located in Seoul in South Korea.

The exact address is 77, Songpadae-ro 37-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Entry fee

It is FREE. Just come and spend time here.

Book Museum

The museum was founded in…

Travel is not just visiting touristic places, sightseeing, famous monuments, historical heritage, etc. Travel is exploring the culture, learning something new. And one of the best ways to feel the country’s culture is to try the traditional food.

When I travel, I always try the local food. It is MUST DO in my travel list.

Today, I want to share with you tips on what to eat in different regions in South Korea. of course, there are different dishes in any city, but some dishes are more delicious only in that particular region.

#1 Busan — Seafood

Busan is the 2nd famous city in…

How the journey starts

About me

Hello! I am Irina and I am addicted to travel. I get inspiration from each trip. It can be even just a one day trip somewhere around the city: park, museum, gallery etc. But of course, I love trips to new places, city, countries. I am trying to get all from my trips.

In my ‘travel bag’ more than 36 countries and 121 cities, and I am not gonna stop. My dream is to see much more countries and places in the world.

Конца пандемии коронавируса пока что не видно. И в Корее снова ввели 2 уровень опасности. А вместе с этим и карантин. Скорее всего большинство из вас подумало, что государство закрыло всех дома и на улицу теперь можно выйти только разрешения уполномоченных лиц. А вот и нет. Карантин по-корейски выглядит иначе.

Условия карантина по-корейски

Это объявление, которое опубликовала Сеульская мэрия у себя на страничке в инстаграме.

С 30 августа по 6 сентября в Сеуле и других крупных городах Южной Кореи начался карантин по-корейски. Что это значит?

Все общепиты, включая кафе, рестораны, булочные, где можно посидеть и попить чай или кофе с пироженкой, принимают посетителей…

Have you ever been to Seoul, to the capital of South Korea? Seoul is a very touristic city which combines past and present. Before the coronavirus pandemic Seoul streets were full of tourists. Wherever we go, there were people of different nationalities. Today, most of countries closed their borders and people can’t go outside, can’t come to Seoul.

But still, some of the tourists are coming to Seoul. And I want to share with you my favourite place which you should visit when you come to Seoul.

Good day everyone!

Last time we talked about Foreign languages, and I shared with you my favourite platform to study foreign languages.

Today I would like to share with you my self-development tips. I am the one who likes to explore and to learn something new. I am always curious about new things. And recently I found 3 nice platforms, where everyone can learn something new for a very good price.

  1. Fiverr
    I use Fiverr for study and for work. I didn’t know before, but Fiverr is a great platform to sell your skills and to learn something new. …

Многие дамы, и некоторые мужчины, часто пользуются масками для лица. Маски для лица замечательно питают кожу, а также снимают усталость.

Но сегодня поговорим о новом виде масок, который становится мировым трендом!

Поднимите руки, кто хотел бы придать лицу более овальную форму? Избавиться от обвисших щек? Подтянуть нижнюю часть лица?

Если раньше, чтобы убрать пару сантиметров на лице, нужно было делать регулярные массажи или ходить к косметологу, то теперь можно просто надеть V-лифтинг маску! С такой маской можно спокойно заниматься своими делами, не тратя время и деньги на дорогостоящие процедуры!

Конечно, в 2 раза узже ваше лицо не станет. И за…


A half of my life I spent abroad and mostly in South Korea. I am inspired by travel, learning new culture & history, foreign languages and other stuff

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